Behind You

Beware of your reflection in this two-sentence horror story

a person standing in a window slightly blurring with a second reflection.
Photo by Tori Wise on Unsplash

Inspired by the Netflix series Two Sentence Horror Stories. We are exploring the scary side of the shortest short form. As always for this series, we issue a trigger warning ⚠️. If you are triggered by the genre of horror, this may not be for you. Mental health comes first, so please take care of yourself and click away now. If you stay, we hope you enjoy this series of haunts, slaughter, and mystery!

a person with a mask staring into a window with their reflection looking back at them.
Photo by Diane Picchiottino on Unsplash

He stared out the window depressed and sorrowful.

Then he was filled with fear when his reflection smiled back at him.

Two Sentence Nightmares

More Screams!

Shout out to H.C. Holmes for this survival piece! You killed it! :)

If you are morbidly curious check out Jade Hadfield’s series to satisfy your dark curiosity!



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Tas (they/them)

We are autistic members of the disability community and hold various mental health diagnoses. We are advocates for social justice, writers and scholars of life.