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Tas (they/them)


  • Peter Wynn

    Peter Wynn

    Diagnosed with autism at 35. Explained a lifetime of difference.

  • Crystal Lewis

    Crystal Lewis

    I am a full time mum to 3 kids, student and carer to a partner who suffers with mental health issues. I am also an amiture writer and historian.

  • Walknwrite


  • Shereen Bingham

    Shereen Bingham

    Communication Ph.D., venturing out from success as a scholarly writer to explore terrains of creative nonfiction, poetry, and fictional short stories.

  • Social Tech Business

    Social Tech Business

  • Mia Z. Edwards

    Mia Z. Edwards

    Top Writer in short stories & 3x Top Writer in creativity short stories. The stories are based on my memoir, world travels, neighbor (hood), work, fiction.

  • Rosemi Mederos

    Rosemi Mederos

    Rosemi is the host of Writing Break, a weekly podcast, and the founder of America's Editor, a publishing management and book editing company.

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