Pride Month: Lonely Desert Girl

Let’s go behind the scenes of our fictional dark romance pride month serial.

Book cover of lonely desert girl a serial story for Pride Month
Lonely Desert Girl by Tas Kronby ⓒ 2022

Welcome to the Behind the Scenes look at our new Kindle Vella serial Lonely Desert Girl! It is June 2022 which means it is Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month!

As a queer nonbinary actually autistic adult, pride month holds a special meaning. It is a time for celebrating and a time to remember all those that have come before you. The new generation is paving the way for the LGBTQ community to gain respect, civil rights, equality, and basic human rights.

Get immersed in this queer romance tale. A labyrinth of emotions as two lovers navigates mental health, discrimination, and self-doubt. Where was their story lead? Will there be a happy ending? Follow the tale on Kindle Vella!

In the story, we explore gender identity, mental health, and of course queer love.

A queer love story

Desi and Carter are college students in a conservative town. By the guidance of fate’s hand, they meet and feel an instant connection. The biggest barrier to their relationship is mental health struggles.

Let’s break down Desi!

Desiree is a nonbinary person that has not explored the real meaning of their gender identity. This character is built off of some of our personal experiences with understanding gender identity.

There is a difference in gender expression versus gender identity and Desi is slightly confused. They do not have any mental health conditions and have no experience with any mental health issues. It is an interesting dynamic since Carter is the complete opposite.

Carter breakdown!

Carter struggles with mental health conditions. While she is confident in her gender identity as a woman and a lesbian, mental health barriers prevent her from functioning. Really, Carter is the yang to Desi’s Ying. Gender expression and gender identity are not the focus of this character. The personal experiences that Carter has as a person with mental health issues mirror some of our own.

Desi is the nonbinary badass we would have loved to be in life and Carter is the embodiment of the mental health struggles and emotions we faced instead.

Mental health in literature

The portrayal of mental health in literature matters. As a writer that is neurodivergent and has many mental health issues, we put our experiences into characters.

The authenticity of experiencing things like psychosis, dissociation, panic attacks, and amnesia is poured into these characters. The best stories have the emotions of the author. While it makes you vulnerable, the characters come to life when you really make them realistic.

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You will learn more about the dynamic between Carter and Desi. The start of their relationship will take flight, and it might crash land.

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Tas (they/them)

Tas (they/them)


We are autistic members of the disability community and hold various mental health diagnoses. We are advocates for social justice, writers and scholars of life.