The Autistic Survival Guide

For autism acceptance month we wrote a book!

Tas (they/them)
3 min readApr 18, 2022


Designed in Canva, Ebook cover of The Autistic Survival Guide by Tas Kronby ©2022

It is the middle of April and Autism Acceptance Month is in full gear! Part of our goals as an autistic adult was to publish a workplace guide for autistic and neurodivergent people. There are many books out there that aim to provide information to and support autistic people, but we never found a book that broke down job applications the way we needed.

So based on our personal experiences and the barriers we face we created…

The Autistic Survival Guide: From Application to Hire Advice from a neurodivergent autist on navigating the workplace.

Using our knowledge we broke down the steps to apply for a job, what to expect from each phase of the process like the interview, and what to expect when you are hired.

No one ever told us about the large amounts of paperwork, ways to get paid, and what technology we would have to learn just to attend orientation. We put it all here in an ebook that is to the point, with examples, and hopefully can prepare you for getting a job.

Highlights from our book

Only apply for what you actually want. Some circumstances may force you to apply for a job you don’t want. Money is money and sometimes your choices are limited. However, if you have the opportunity to be picky about your job, do it. It is better to work in an industry that you feel passionate about than to work in a place where you already hate the work.

Read the qualifications before applying. Applying for a job takes time. Some may say that applying for a job is a full-time job and that is true! Make sure you don’t waste time on long job applications if you don’t meet the minimum qualifications. For example, if a job requires a Masters’s degree and you only have a high school diploma move on. The job market is competitive, so if you are spending 1 hour on a job that has this education requirement, that is one 1hour you spent for a recruiter to pass you by.

Get interview accommodations. Reasonable accommodations don’t only start after you get the job. You can get them for the interview too! The human resource department of the company or the recruiter will be the best way to learn how to get interview accommodations.

We do hope you will check out our book and find it useful! It is a book for autistic adults by an autistic adult!

Happy Autism Acceptance Month!



Tas (they/them)

Tas is an autistic/neurodivergent disabled author, writer, and publisher. Editor in Chief of Neurodiversity Times Magazines.